The Best Gift You can Give yourself this Holiday Season is your Presence. Read below for some helpful holiday hearing tips.

The Holiday Season has officially begun! It is a magical time of year filled with big family get-togethers and joyful festivities throughout our community.  Unfortunately, for those with hearing loss,  holiday events can cause us to feel isolated, anxious, self-conscious or embarrassed. At Gaston Hearing Center, we have one goal this holiday season. It is to help educate our patients as well as family members on the best communication strategies and hearing aid  technology that can help in challenging listening situations so that you can  be present! We want to ensure you are able to hear little baby Noah’s laugh, hear Aunt Betty tell her story (yes, the same one she tells every year), hear the (hopefully tasteful) joke Uncle Bob just told Cousin Joe, hear Megan talk about her new job, hear the gift wrapping being crumpled up, hear Olivia squeal with delight when she gets the doll she wanted and all the other beautiful sounds the holidays bring. What we don’t want is for you to be the head nodding, smiling bystander… we want you to be part of the conversation because YOU MATTER! Below are some tips to help you survive and thrive this holiday season!

Helpful Holiday Communication Strategies

  1. Attention: Gain the attention of the person you are trying to speak with first. For example, say his/her name, then tap a shoulder or arm lightly or walk in front in his/her sight.
  2. Facial Cues: Make sure you are facing the person. Facial expressions and body language can add vital information to the conversation. Make sure you keep your hands away from your face as well. It also helps to not talk with food in your mouth nor chew gum. 
  3. Speak Clearly: Many people think that if they raise the volume of their voice, that someone will hear them. However, it is better to speak more distinctly, without exaggerating.  Shouting can distort the words.  Speak at a normal rate, not too slow.
  4. Rephrase: If someone does not understand what you said the first time, try stating the phrase or question differently rather than just repeating it.
  5. Background Noise: When conversing, try moving to a quieter area or turn down the background noise or music if possible. When going to a restaurant, ask for a table away from the kitchen or large parties and try to sit with most of the background noise behind  For example, try to sit at a booth in the corner, rather than a table in the middle of the dining room.
  6. Consider a New Hearing Aid: If you’ve been using the same hearing aid for several years, it’s worth a consult to find out if newer technology could be beneficial. Hearing aid technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years and new hearing aids may allow you to hear your loved ones better in challenging listening situations.

If you want to hear better for the holidays, we would love to help! Give Gaston Hearing Center a  call to schedule a hearing evaluation at (704) 829-8319. We listen, so you can hear better!